What’s The Difference Between Assisted Living & Independent Living?

If you are the caregiver for an aging parent, then there will come a time when you will start to realize that it is time that you consider moving them into some type of senior living communities.  This will be by no means an easy decision for anyone, but in the long run it will be the best decision for your loved one as well as yourself.  Now with all of the many different senior housing options available for seniors, how does one go about deciding on which option is right for an elderly relative?

Well, that answer will depend on a few factors, for example, if your loved one is not in need of round the clock care and they are still independent for the most part, then there will be 2 different options that you will want to take a look at which are independent living and assisted living.

Let’s start with assisted living, these facilities are designed for seniors that cannot live alone and who have some type of special needs, but at the same time they do not require the services of a nursing home that offers extensive care.  Unlike nursing homes that have staff available 24 hours per day, assisted living facilities only have trained staff on at specific times per day, but there is always someone there to offer assistance and to provide meal preparation and housekeeping.

Independent living communities on the other hand, are great for seniors that are independent and who do not have any special needs, but need to move out of their family’s home.  Or they may have their own home, but are starting to realize that it may be too big and they want to downsize and they want to reside with other like-minded active seniors.  Independent living is a great option for seniors as it gives seniors a homelike atmosphere that is comfortable and that is developed to keep the elderly active, safe, interactive and healthy.

You can find senior communities that offer both independent living and assisted living, that way if your loved one ever needs more care, they won’t have to move very far and they will be in somewhat of a familiar environment.

Assisted living facilities offer supportive services and housing for seniors that need assistance with completing their daily activities such as medication administration, dressing, bathing and more.

Independent living are developed for seniors that want to go after their dreams of retirement while residing in a socially engaged community with other seniors that live with purpose and that have a passion for life.