What is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

Skilled nursing facilities provide services and care for patients whose needs require high end skilled medical care. Patients at skilled nursing facilities are under the care and supervision of skilled nurses and doctors. These facilities, which often specialize in the care of the elderly, can administer both short-term and long-term services.

The expertise and type of care provided by skilled nursing centers does vary. Some facilities will specialize in specific cases, such as Alzheimer’s care, while others will specialize in more broad based short-term care rehabilitation.

Types of Care

Not all skilled nursing homes are created equal. When selecting a long-term or short-term care facility, the level of care that your loved one requires will help to shape your choice of facility.

Some possible examples of the type of care that your loved one may receive at a skilled nursing center include:

General Wound Care – Involves the cleaning of wounds and the administration of antibiotics to help stave off infection.

Stroke Recovery – This type of care is related to rehabilitation therapy, helping patients regain both motor skills and speech functions.

Parkinson’s Care – Some skilled nursing facilities specialize in the specific care required to attend advanced Parkinson’s cases.

Custodial Care – Most skilled nursing homes and long-term care facilities engage in custodial care. This level of service is given to patients who need help with the completion of simple personal tasks, such as bathing, dressing and eating.

Terminal Illness Care – This type of care is often administered in conjunction with a hospice. Patients receiving terminal illness care will require both custodial care and high end medical care.

General Rehabilitation – Involves physical therapy and other types of services required to help patients recover after an extended illness or invasive operation. Patients suffering from declining health may also receive this level of care.

Acute Medical Conditions – This type of care is related to the service a patient may receive at a hospital. Examples of this level of care include cases where an illness, infection or injury threatens the patient’s overall health.

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