Four Reasons Assisted Living May be the Right Move for Your Loved One

Hear from one of our senior resource counselors, Rebecca Price, as she walks us through what she considers the “Top 4” reasons why assisted living might be the right fit for your loved one’s senior living needs. With her personal experience as a caregiver and being part of the Sunrise team for 5 years, Rebecca understands the struggle to find the right fit for a loved one. Find out why assisted living may be the best option for you:

1. Your loved one has limited activity and spends much of the day alone

It’s almost impossible for one person, or even a group of very attentive family members, to match the kind of social interactions, mental stimulation and overall activity that is provided in a good assisted living community. At Sunrise, we offer at least six activities every single day. Our residents enjoy afternoon socials, scenic drives, cooking classes, gaming clubs, walking groups, and numerous other opportunities. Being active is beneficial not only to a senior’s body, but to their mind and spirit as well!

2. You may not be equipped to provide all of the things your loved one needs

Caring for a senior at home can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to balance the physical needs of an aging senior with the demands of a busy life. From coordinating doctor’s appointments to keeping prescriptions filled and providing assistance with dressing and bathing, it seems there is always more to be done. Despite an attentive caregiver’s best efforts, it’s not unusual for things to become too demanding and difficult to sustain. A move to assisted living can bring peace of mind, and the knowledge that a team of professionals is overseeing your loved one’s health and physical well being.

3. Your relationship has suffered since you stepped in to the caregiving role. You miss being your loved one’s spouse, son, daughter, friend or grandchild

Being a caregiver can be especially hard on relationships. As much as we love the people we care for, the added pressure can build up, leading to resentment. It can also cause frustration with other family members who may be perceived as “not doing their part.” When a senior moves to assisted living, that stress is lifted. It allows families to focus less on caregiving, and more on enjoying the relationships they have with the people they love.

4. The cost of caring for your loved one at home is mounting

Providing care for a senior at home may, at first glance, appear to be the most affordable option. Unfortunately, there can be far reaching financial effects that many families don’t consider. Beyond the obvious expenses like paying for in home caregivers, many additional aspects need to be weighed. Families often forget to factor less obvious costs like the number of hours they may miss from work due to caregiving responsibilities. By using our Senior Living Affordability Calculator, you can learn more about what caring for your loved one at home really costs each month. Often, a move to Assisted Living just makes sense financially.

Source: Rebecca Price, Senior resource counselor