Does my loved one need assisted living services?

If you have been providing care for a senior loved one and you feel he or she is entering a new stage in life, you may be wondering what your options are. There are many different levels of care available to seniors depending on the level of assistance they need and what tasks they are able to complete. Assisted living is one of the more recent types of care available, and for some seniors, it’s the best choice. Below, we’ll describe some of the signs that may indicate your loved one should consider assisted living.

According to, family members should keep an eye out when visiting the older adult in their life, to see if regular behaviors have changed. Have you noticed uneaten food going bad in the fridge? Is your loved one wearing the same clothing every time you visit? Have you noticed your loved one having accidents, or bruising or hurting him or herself more often?

Answering yes to any of these questions may mean it’s time to have a conversation with the senior about considering a lifestyle change. Any other issues that indicate your loved one needs more help in their day-to-day living should also prompt a discussion. explains that seniors who choose assisted living communities may have experienced a recent, slight decline in health, and thus need more aid completing the tasks of daily living. These seniors likely still want to maintain their independence and interact with their peers in a social environment. The website reports that the average assisted living person is a female in her mid-eighties, but both men and women within a wide range of ages opt for this style of care.